Engineering and Design Services

We can provide engineering drawings, documentation (i.e. Inspection Standards, Standardized Work, etc.), and prototypes of your products.  We continually improve value by offering suggestions on cost-saving materials or manufacturing alternatives.
We offer complete build and assembly per Standardized Work; as well as, turn key development of Electrical, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic systems including mistake proofing and fail-safing (Poka-Yoke).

  • Design for Manufacturing – Turn your napkin concept into CAD drawings and then into a finished part.
  • Prototype development – Improve designs and reduce manufacturing costs by Value Added & Value Engineering (VA/VE) analysis
  • CAD/CAM – Reverse Engineer or document existing components for service.
  • Quality—Confirmation of finished parts per Inspection Standard and Standardized Work
  • Project Management—Organize large projects and provide status reports

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