Engineering and Design Services

We can provide engineering drawings, documentation (i.e. Inspection Standards, Standardized Work, etc.), and prototypes of your products.  We continually improve value by offering suggestions on cost-saving materials or manufacturing alternatives.
We offer complete build and assembly per Standardized Work; as well as, turn key development of Electrical, Pneumatic, and Hydraulic systems including mistake proofing and fail-safing (Poka-Yoke).

Our Engineering:

With the help of our 3D Design capabilities, we can provide rapid prototyping on a wide range of products.  Whether it is design from scratch, an addition to a current part, or existing part modifications, we can handle the challenge! 

Project Managment
Our team at JR Buck can provide the project planning and guidance you are looking for.  Let us help you out with your project and provide our expertise!  We have managed projects ranging from retrofits of existing production lines, short-time turnaround on an industrial sized forklift charging station project, and everything in between!

Reverse Engineering
By leveraging the experience of our design team, we can easily reproduce products that our customers have a need for but might not have specs or blueprints on due to age of the item, the item has been procured from overseas, or the part was custom made.  Let JR Buck help meet your needs on reverse engineering!

AutoCAD Mechanical 2D Layout
We routinely work with 2d formats to provide product for our customers.  Whether it is using existing building layouts to incorporate new machinery, or it is the machines themselves that are in a 2d format, we can work with them.  We specialize in updating existing 2d prints to 3d formats!

Inventor 3D Modeling
Paper napkin drawings are a relic of the past, with our expertise in 3D modeling, you can bring your designs into the 3D world!  We use AutoDesk Inventor® to aid in our design process.  We can check that designs will be problem free and fit perfectly before the first part is ever cut.  3D modeling is a major cost saver in the design process for our customers!

Autodesk HSM CAM
CNC Machining is a specialty of ours, and using AutoDesk HSM®, we can provide CAM services with greater accuracy, less setup time, and better results than ever before!  These capabilities allow us to produce machine programs directly from our 3D modeling environment to the machines.